Testing main power, ground and fuse.

1. Check to see if you have 12v coming in from the power cable. this cable runs directly to the battery.

2. On older models this connection bracket was a braided cable. If that is the case check for corrosion or breaks.

3. Check your ground cable. look for for corrosion. Make sure its not loose. on new models this ground goes directly to the battery. On older models it is grounded to the trailer itself.

4. Check the 10 amp fuse inside the control cabinet.

Testing latch switch, dump switch and continuity

1. Unplug each of the four connections. Mark connections in a way that you know which one went where when plugging back in. 

2. Take off nut to remove gray/HPU wire off of post.

3. Using a multi meter switch to continuity.

4. Using a multi meter set on continuity for testing latch switch. Follow the steps bellow.

5. Using a multi meter set on continuity for testing dump switch. follow the steps bellow.