1. Remove silencer 

    A: On some older models you may have to remove air filter housing.

    B: Place prybar as shown in picture for leverage as to loosen silencer.                              

    C: The silencer is heavy. On removal be sure to have help.


2. Remove any loose debris and lubricate

    A: Once silencer is removed remove any lose debris inside blower outlet.

    B: Lubricate blower lobes heavily with penetrating oil

3. Freeing up stuck lobes

    A: Use piece of soft wood that fits in blower outlet.

    B: Using piece of soft wood. place on lobes and hit with a dead blow hammer.

    C: If there is room between the lobes. then place wood in between and pry back and forth.

    D: Intermittently while doing this procedure lubricate inside of blower with more penetrating oil.

    E: Make sure to clean out any chipped or broken pieces of wood.

    F: do these steps until blower is free.


4. blow out debris

    A: While silencer is still off. stand clear of blower outlet and turn machine on to blow out any loose debris you could not reach.

    B: Once its run for a minute turn of machine.

    C: Lubricate inside blower once more.

    D: Put machine back together.

5. preventative maintenance                                                                                                                                                                 A: Start machine.

    B: Start blower.

    C: Open bleeder valve.

    D: Spray lubricant into bleeder valve a few times.

    E: Close valve.

    F: Machine can be turned off.

    G: To help prevent blowers from locking up perform steps 5.A: through 5.F: after every use.