Repairing locked up blower on a trav-l-vac 300

1. Remove hose clamp and remove silencer

2. Remove fittings from blower

3. Remove loose debris and lubricate

4. freeing up blower lobes

6: test run

Once blower is free and fittings are still removed

A: Remove any loose debris

B: spray lubricant on lobes

C: stand clear of blower outlet while starting machine to blow out any more debris. stay clear of blower outlet

7: assemble

A: put fittings, silencer, and hose clamp back on.

8: blower lubrication 

A: open bleeder valve. located opposite side of silencer on T fitting

B: turn machine on

C: spray lube into hose that is attached to bleeder valve

D: shut machine down

E: close bleeder valve

to prevent rust and corrosion. do blower lubrication steps after every use