Symptom: “Error validating database” appears after trying to open a database in Vitals Desktop. 

Possible Causes / Resolutions:

Database table was changed with MS Access:

One of the tables in the database was renamed using MS Access. In this example the Activities table was renamed to Activitie. Note the missing “s” at the end. These tables should not be renamed.  

To fix this:

- Open Microsoft Office Access


Change the type to All Files

select the database with .vcd extension and open it

- Right click on the table

- click Rename

rename to Activities

Now close Microsoft Office Access and open the database with Vitals Desktop, it should now work.

Tables required by Vitals are as follows: Activities, Fields, Remarks, TorqueCharts, Valves and Vitals. If these are missing or named differently, there will be problems when trying to open the database later on.