Symptom:  Recon not being recognized by computer when connecting with USB cable. 

Windows Mobile Device Center should pop up when Recon is connected to computer. 

Possible Causes: 

  1. Recon settings related:
    1. Enable advanced network functionality is checked
      1. Uncheck Enable advanced network functionality checkbox.
      2. To find this, go to Start in the Recon, click on Settings, then click on the Connections tab at the bottom of the screen, and then click on USB to PC. 
  2. ActiveSync related:
    1. Settings not configured correctly
      1. Lunch the ActiveSync app from Recon Controllerà Click Menuà Click Connections… à Make sure the “Synchronize all PCs using this connection:” check box is checked and that USB is selected from the drop down menu. 
  3. USB cable related:
    1. Bad USB cable
      1. Replace cable
  4. Battery related:
    1. Low Recon battery
      1. Plug Recon to a nearby power outlet. 
      2. Recharge battery
  5. Windows Mobile Device Center related:
    1. Mobile Device Center not installed
      1. Reinstall Vitals Desktop 3.2.1 which will also install Mobile Device Center. File can be downloaded from the Software Downloads section at
      2. If Mobile Device Center does not install while installing Vitals Desktop 3.2.1, download Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 from 
  6. Vitals Mobile Related:
    1. If Recon was being used at a Windows XP computer, it is possible an older version of Vitals was installed in the Recon.
      1. Install Vitals Desktop 3.2.1 to Windows 7 computer and follow installation steps as described in the Manual. Doing a Data Transfer while Recon is connected should install Vitals mobile to the Recon.