This article describes how to troubleshoot battery issues on the TC-100.

If the battery is not getting detected by the TC-100 and shows an (x) in the battery icon (as shown below)

while the wall charger is connected then its possible the TC-100 might have outdated firmware/OS. Follow the steps below to correct this issue. 

NOTE:  This affects newer batteries that were recently purchased as a replacement for older TC-100s. 

Install latest firmware/OS on the TC-100.

NOTE: Plug external power to the TC-100, remove USB flash drives, and close any running programs before installing firmware. 

  1. Click the Start button on the bottom right corner and then launch the Device Info app.
  2. Note the Original OS Version, Patch OS version, Bios Version, and Embedded Controller version.

  3. If you have BIOS 1.48, Embedded Controller  1.29 or newer, and OS Version 23107 (or Patch OS Version) or newer, then you do not need to update your TC-100 controller. 
  4. If either of those OS versions is 22039 or newer, then proceed to next step (7). Otherwise install OS 22039 first from the following file: 
    1. OS Patch 22039.exe Follow onscreen instructions.
  5. Install latest BIOS 1.48 and Embedded Controller 1.29 to the TC-100 by running the following file:
    1. TC-100 Updater UEFI 148 EC 129.exe
  6. Install latest OS (23107) to the TC-100 by running the following file:                                                  
    1. OS Patch 23107.exe
  7. Battery might get updated as well. If spare batteries are available just swap them to the TC-100 for them to get updated. Just make sure the wall charger is connected to the TC-100. 
  8. Battery should now be detected by the TC-100. 

NOTE: you will need to move the OS and firmware files to the TC-100 via a USB flash drive and then run     them from the TC-100 and not from the USB flash drive.

If battery is still not detected after following the steps above check the following article for more troubleshooting steps:

TC-100 - Battery Power Troubleshooting

If the battery is not getting detected after follow the article above then the battery is most likely defective and will need to be replaced.